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    I am using slin Pre Workout

    I just started with using my slin before the workout, the reason I do this is because i am in 1,5 to 2 hours. so the slin can blok the cartisol and the second reason is it gives you an enormous pump and I use Actrapid Novolet (Like Hum R) that peaks after about 2 hours sub Q

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    I see your point but its a bad idea, have tried it in the past and its the fasest way to put you into Hypo. Now I use it post workout 5 mins before my gloucos & whey drink.

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    That is dangerous.... slin transports nutriants. So waht is it going to transport? I think PWO is the best time. And with a fast acting slin too, like humalog.

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    There has been a lot of discussions about Insulin use PWO and pre workout. Both ways are beneficial, but I think taking Insulin PWO is more beneficial as nutrient transport is the key and therefore is more important than just getting a pump during a workout by having a dose pre workout. That is my theory anyway. But if using Insulin does you well by taking a dose pre workout then continue doing what you are doing. I hope you have some sort of a carbohydrate drink with you at all times during your traning session. Using Insulin pre workout can be very dangerous, be carefull and good luck.


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