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    What is better to start with hgh or slin

    I am still studying and do not plan on using either slin or hgh until I do more research but what is better to start with?

    slin and aas?
    slin, hgh and aas?
    hgh and aas?

    I have done a couple of cycles of aas. I have been lifting for 7-8 years. I am 5"7' 185-190.

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    No matter what sort of drugs you are using, you should always be educated about what you are doing. Some drugs such as Insulin can be lethal, so once again, knowledge about what you are doing is the key. HGH and IGF are costly so you don't want it to go to waste by doing it the wrong way, so reserch and learn. Same goes for AAS. It also depends on what you want to achive, and how much money you want to spend.


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    You can die from slin if not used properly. Never heard of anyone dying from gh.

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