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    JINOTROPIN safe unreconstituted 4 1 month

    JINOtropin question ive got a source


    who is obviously not from gen***** the manufacturur. the price is 245 dollars payment by WU he says that unreconstituted its ok for amonth at room temp see quote

    wrong or right

    hey bro

    ansomone is a 192aa chain =not stable for long peroids
    of heat
    jintropin is a 191aa chain and is stable for 1 month
    at room temp

    please note that i have used hgh that was sitting in a
    fedex warehouse in japan for 3 months and it was still good

    as for the anavar all powders are min98%
    if you dont like your powders i will resend
    lmk thanks

    end of response from him

    the price is good but im unsure concerning ice boxes ive always bought ansomone straight from maker and ice boxes are a good inurance policy right? also is ansomeone 192 aa like this source says or is it as the manufacturur states - 191 cheers

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    true, it can be stored for a month at room teperature.

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