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    insulin and glutamine

    i know the effects of creatine and post-workout spiked insulin levels.
    me being a diabetic, insulins my baby. works like a charm.
    i have been using creatine and insulin, post workout injections - for about 10 months, and wow. come a long way.
    so, does glutamine work the same way as creatine does..
    absorbed into the muscles faster and more efficiently when insulin levels are spiked?
    just curious, lookin for a few more lean pounds
    thanks guys.

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    Anything you intake while Insulin is active will be absorobed by your body a lot easier and faster than usual. Glutamine can defenitely be beneficial PWO, but it isn't really going to add muscle, it will more save the muscle. However though, I don't think it is a good idea for you to take glutamine if you are diebetic, but I am not a 100% on that one so ask your doctor. It's the only way to be sure. Be carefull using Insulin for BB purposes especially if you are a diebetic. Hope that helped, and good luck bro.


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    alrighty, sounds good.
    my doctor told me once long as i dont take drugs, its alright..
    well insulins a givin', he dont need to know anything else..
    my HbA1c (3 month average blood sugar) is right on the button at 5.8

    aight, next week, im gonna be starting the post-workout insulin injections again, get back on the creatine, take some glutamine, and do it all over again, until next dieting season! whoo, this is the fun part!!

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