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Thread: HGH Newbie

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    HGH Newbie

    Hey Gents, ready to try Gh soon because I am tired of the issues I've been dealing with while on the juice... I've only done 4 cycles in 5 yrs but have screwed up the testes (low sex drive) even with proper Pct. My question is:

    What kind of effect will the GH have on my libido if any?
    How many kits will I I need, and how long is an appropriate cycle?
    Any supplements I will need to take while on?
    Also how does the Gh effect your growth plates?

    Really just looking for some experienced opions that may save me some unnecessary anxiety!BTW I have been researching the site for over a year off and on, really just taking some suggestions before i dive in... THANKS

    Stats are: 33yrs old
    212 pnds 5'10
    14 pct bf
    13 yrs training

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    Apr 2004
    Red Baron, thanks for the quick response.. What I will be buying is Somatrapin @ 6mg=18iu for $169. Thus I expect this will last me roughly 2 weeks at 2iu's,5 days on and 2 days off, correct? It does say "Compounded"
    does this mean anything signifigant? Also, any sides that I should be aware of( besides the joint pain)?.. Thanks Bro!!!

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