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    stacking and gaining LBM

    hi Im new and had some questions. I currently have 4 boxes of serostim GH, 2 bottles of test 400 and Dbol . my stats are

    191 lbs
    about 18% bf

    my goal is to shed bf and try and gain about 15-25 lbs LBM,
    is this possible with what I have or am i dreaming? I have been training for about 2 years but have had problems with dieting i just got it tuned in so thats takin care of. if its possible how should i use my gear? i was planning on 2iu's ed for about 3 weeks then bumping it up to 4iu ed. any input would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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    you should research alot more before you start takin things as serieus as aas/hgh.
    so i would advice to read some more and use the search button because there is a lot of information on this board.
    if you got some more questions after that don't hesitate to ask but from my own experience you learn alot more if you research for you're self first and then ask for what you can't find or is'nt clear.

    good luck


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    I agree you need to wait, trying to shed bf and gain 25lbs at your level of experience yes, you are dreaming. What about serm's& antie's? 2years training is baby walking bro sounds to me you could do much better natually.

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