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    GH, Slin and test Question

    i 'm going to be doing a cycle of gh for 6 months. But i have a few questions

    i'm looking to lose about 20 lbs in fat and gain muscle at the same time. i am not a newbie to cycles, but i am to gh.

    im not looking to become some huge monster. I nice cut build with a low body fat is what i want. I own my own business and have a very hectic schedule already and am not interested in spending my whole day worried about what i have to eat every hour or so. simply put, i want to look good again, have a nice physique, not have too many side effects, maintain a good diet and keep my energy level up.

    i have read that insulin is great to stack with gh, but after much further research, slin in fact seems as a way to counteract the fat loss effects of gh.
    plus, you have to really monitor what and when you eat, and etc with the blood sugar level.. i think that is too involved for me
    is this true?

    in addition, i have many good stories of stacking gh with test, which i think would yield me the results i want. again, you guys experience would be greatly appreciated

    and what about diet when you're on gh? obvoiosly high protein and low fat!, what about carbs? and when should you shoot the gh?

    and also, how much to start with? i have heard start 2 iu per day and increase it 1 iu per month to a max of 5 ius per day? is that safe?

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    GH and test is good stuff.... If you watch what you eat closly slin can be used with great success...
    I am not too up on my GH.... so ill let others answer your other questions, your on the right track though

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