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    ok, can you tell me if my HGH is fake please??

    i have been on HGH for like 3.5 months now, maybe more, at 5ius a day, and i have not had any sides from it yet. i took the **** about a year ago from my same guy and i had the tingly fingers and toes and ****. i haven't felt that once yet. then i read about the fake jin kits from china. i know he gets them from china. but the kits look exactly the same, except the vials have yellow tops now, and i found out that they changed the top color cuz too many counterfeits were out there. somethin like that, but my jin kit says a bunch of things on it, and i'm not exactly sure which is the brand name. it says GenLei, GeneScience, & GenSci. i'm assuming it's GenSci, so does that mean my ****s fake?

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    Look for a web addy on the sticker to check the numbers on your kit...

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    I can feel my fingers swollen up on 2ius/day to start. 5ius/day you should have swollen fingers and toes,and higher blood pressure to go with the bloat. That's how it effects me anyways. I agree,check your #'s.

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