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    Igf-1 fitting into this cycle???

    Hey guys i want to throw in Igf-1 into this cycle, i havent ever used the stuff, think its time to give it a shot. I was going to use gh for 20 weeks but have been told by others that igf-1 is cheaper and better. I have been doing some reasearch about the dosages, but still am unsure what, and how i should do it, any help form guys that used it before. Here is what i wanted to do. Im 6'2 240-245ish 11%bf thanks gusy

    Test Enth. 750mg 1-16
    eq 400mg 1-16
    Test prop 100mg eod 15-20
    Winstrol 50mg ed 15-20
    tren 75mg ed 15-20

    nolvadex on hand
    liqudex .5 ed
    Clomid extended Pct for 6 weeks starting 3 days out

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    well the cycle looks great...igf-1 is gonna work wonders for u bro...take it for the first for weeks then thru pct(that way itll help u keep ur gains)

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    what is the proper way i should run this?

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