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    insulin during or after cycle.

    I have been reading alot about insulin lately and will probably begin next week.

    Its seems alot of people begin using slin after their cycle with their pct. What are the advantage of using slin with your cycle?

    I am currently on a test e, test susp, and winstrol cycle and I am planning on starting slin next week then hgh the following week (I will use the hgh for nine months so i will be on it for my next cycle.)

    I would sure appreciate your advice on when it is best to start slin.

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    I'm not a slin expert, but I'm starting my slin next week. I'll be running it with Test E, Tren , etc....I'll cycle it for 5 weeks then off....Additionally, I will use slin during my PCT as well....

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    I'm using during, and will use it after. I plan on repeating 4weeks on/ 4weeks off cycles for a while. Some of the time will be during cycle and after. From experiences I've heard, slin in conjunction with AAS produces better results.

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    I have not yet used slin with AAS..... but alone isnt too bad... I posted about it if you want to see my thoughts...

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    Insulin force feeds your muscle cells with the right nutrients to either maintain or gain weight. This can be beneficial through PCT as that is the time when your body has most troubles maintaing what it has gained.

    If you are combining Insulin with AAS and running a 12 weeks cycle, I would usually use Insulin from the start 5 weeks ON/OFF. So first 5 weeks of the cycle involves Insulin, then 4 - 5 weeks OFF, then run Insulin for another 4 - 5 weeks ending the cycle and thgrough PCT. That works good for me. This way I get the most out of Insulin as I used it with AAS and through PCT.


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    I agree with gear he knows his ****

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