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    GH - Hairloss help???

    I have a problem. This is the sequence of events:

    1 Started GH 6 months ago, was running Fitropin at 4iu ED.
    2 Cycled gear between months 2-5 (Test Prop 500mg wk, EQ 700mg wk, Var60mg ED)
    3. I have been off gear for about 5 weeks now, did proper PCT (though still a little slow in getting full T production back.
    4. Switched from Fitropin to Jintropin 4 weeks ago, still taking 4iu ED.
    5. I have start noticing much more hair falling out than before.

    The Fitropin was definitely working, but I read on the Fitropin site that it is actually 192aa, not the 191aa like our bodies make - so I switch to Jinos thinking this would be better. My Jinos is legit, I checked the security fiber validation on the GenSci website.

    Not only am I loosing hair, but the hair on my head is becoming frizzy as well and breaking easily. To boot, when I have upped the Jinotropin dose to 6 or 8iu for a couple days, I do not get nearly the same affect that I did when I would go that high with the Fitropin, I thought it was fake, but the security test says its legit.

    I got blood work done as well, T results:
    Total Test: 706 on a 260-1000ng/dL normal range scale.
    Free Test : 14.6 on a 9.5-29.7 normal range scale
    % Free Test: 0.2 on a 0.2-0.7% normal range scale

    Any ideas on what gives or what could be causing this?

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    yes, hair follicle start falling out a few weeks after damage. so the cause of your hair loss is your past cycle.
    use finasteride though it is a little late now...and have in mind that u will have to take them as long as u want to keep your hair...

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