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Thread: IGF-1 question

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    IGF-1 question

    Is it ok to take QV 75 Trembolona & IGF-1 together? I don't mean at the same time but if I were to do 1cc of trem a week and the IGF-1 4 days on and 1 day off is this ok? I have a 1 month supply of IGF-1 and I was told to do a insulin pin which the cc's go by ten's and to only do 2cc for 4 days then off for 1 then back on for 4 days and so on, wante dto check with teh forum to find out if this is the correct way and can I take the Trem with it. Thanks

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    I guess you mean tren , I am taking IGF-1 right now for PCT and took it with my test prop/EQ cycle and it worked well, you should be fine taking it with trenbolone and testosterone .

    As far as measuring it is measured in micrograms so I guess you are saying you have 1mg or 1000mcg. I am only taking 20mcg. PWO and it is working fine for me helping with appetite. To measure correctly you have to know how many MLs of solution are in the bottle that has 1mg. Then use the slin pin and 100units will be 1 ML. If you have 5MLs of solution for 1 mg. that means every ML is 200mcg. of IGF-1 so you only need 10 units to get 20mcg.

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    Yep, you can take Tren A and IGF....I'm doing that now myself....I do my IGF PWO. I workout 6 days per week so I take it 6 days PWO (60 mcgs) and I take it when I get up on my day off (in other words, I take it 7 days per week).

    You should also throw some test into your cycle in my opinion...Tren is great stuff, but for me at least, it leads to minor impotence (ok, no impotence is minor!!!). The test will keep that from happening and will really round out your cycle. Good luck.

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    Thanks slow pain & c5529 for your reply, I only have a 1 month supply of IGF-1 never tried it before and heard some really good results from it. The guy I got it from is a bodybuilder with a sick body....ripped to shreds and he brought it back from Europe where he was competing told my friend how he used it was IGF-1 by itself, he didn't do anything else with it but did say to administer it late that it tends to make you tired (is that true)? He also told him to only take it for 4 days on and 1 day off, does'nt look like much in a slin pin. This guy said to use have of 5mgs (I guess) which would be in retard terms 2 lines and a half from the top of the pin. Do you think this enough or am I going about this all wrong? What would be the correct way to take this and the Test? Sorry for being IGF lliterate but I would like to do it the right way....stuff is expensive Thanks for your info guys

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