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    GH/Igf for muscle hardening?

    at some point or another i think i may want to do a cycle like this:

    w1-3 test prop 150/eod
    w1-25 test e 500mg/w
    w1-6 tren ace 37.5mg/ed
    w21-27 anavar 40mg/ed
    w10-30 HGH 3iu/d, 5d on 2d off
    w10-27 500iu HCG (250iu twice each week)
    w1-27 letro 1.25mg EOD
    w27-31 nolva 20mg ed
    w27-31 clomid - 300mg, 100mg, 50mg

    my question is this: i am looking to run HGH straight through PCT so i can maximize the retainability of my gains... essentially so i can keep 100% my gains (hopefully)

    would it be better to run HGH through PCT? or could i just use IGF-1 LR3 and have the same effect (but just start using IGF when i start PCT)

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    Both would be okay, but LR3 seem to help with recovery during PCT


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