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Thread: want to use gh

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    want to use gh

    I want to start taking growth hormone but don't know to much about. I was hoping I could get some feedback about general knowledge I'm 6'1 190 w/ about 17% bf. thanks me

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    if you can elaborate on that im sure we could help you. Start woth reading this

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    Just finished my first kit. Loving it, bought 3 more. OH YEAH BABY LIGHT WEIGHTTTT!

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    HGH is costly, so you want to make sure you do it all right. And to do it all right you have to research and study. Don't ever take anything without 100% knowing what it is, what it does and how to take it. A lot of people love HGH, where as some don't think too highly of it. It can be beneficial for both muscle building and fat loss. There is plenty of threads about HGH on here. Happy reading.


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