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    How to properly handel reconst. IGF?

    So i order IGF suspended in BA. I have not read a lot about how to properly handel IGF because its so sensitive. One guy said he dropped his bottle of IGF and it because useless afterwards. If its so sensitive, i dont see how it could possible survive being sucked through a tiny needle then mixed with BW, that sounds like a lot of turbulence and pressure to me. Not to mention who knows what happens to the crap during shipping.

    Is IGF really that sensitive, or is the sensitivity overstated?

    Thanks guys, dont want to waste hundreds of dollars in goodies.

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    I got mine reconstitiuted in the mail then added more sterile water and vinigar, it is about 2 months old and still seems to be working fine for me. I always swirl the vial before I suck it out with the syringe to make sure its mixed well. It seems to be working full potency for me, I am taking it for PCT now.

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