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    Differences between brands of GH..

    This might just be my imagination but my father uses GH for anti-aging also. He's stated the same things. I used serostim some time back and noticed it gave me ALOT of energy, almost too much. Like drinking 4 cups of stout coffee. I started 3 months ago on Genotropin and after going through 5 weeks of hard hypoglycemia, finally adjusted and noticed it felt good. The energy was there but not too much. Then I got hold of some Saizen (serostim's brother) and started with it. Again, too much energy and now accompanied with some hard anxiety and maybe paranoia. So I went back to the genotropin and poof..everything felt good again. has anybody else experienced this? Any speculation as to why this might be? I'm only doing 3 iu's per day.5 on 2 off.

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    i dunno but that serostim gave me huge amounts of trouble to sleep. i switched to fitropin and now i'm sleeping like a baby

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