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    ? on taking slin

    ok some ppl say take it befor to give you realyl crazy pumps whil working out and drink a protein/gatorade drink to keep carbs and nutrients coming in for the slin. and alot of ppl say take afterwards to get all the nutrients flushed into your muscles really quickly after your workout. well why not take some befor and after your workout

    4iu befor and 4 iu after

    or something like that. as long as you have a carb drink with you whuile working out and get the proper nutritin after wards dont you thin kis is a good idea. im new the the whole slin concept so any opinions whould be nice to hear. i have a friend thats diabetis with an extra Rx. so he said he will give it to me caus eim helping him out with some other stuff. so i plan on taking slin some time in the next few months befor summer time comes.

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    I would only take it in post. You will feel a pump from it just from that. Untill you fully have a good grasp on it, I woulnt mess around with it before your workout. Also i would find out what kind of slin your friend is taking because that makes a differene also/

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    I think that you need to read a lot more before you touch slin....

    Secondly I dont think prework out is a good idea at all. Insulin for BB purposes is used to shuttle nutriants to muscles that have been broken down due to a work out. They need nutriants and slin crams them in.... That is why its needed PWO

    Prework out for pumps is not the best of ideas... the pumps from what I hear are not worth the effort to keep your BG up to not go hypo... And I really dont see a lot of merit preworkout anyway... as your muscles have not been worked, so there is no need to shuttle nutriants to them....


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    PWO is best.

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    If you want to take the full advantage of Insulin , I would stick to PWO as force feeding muscle cells with nutrients is much more important than getting a pump throughout the workout. Well that is my opinion anyway, if you think otherwise, then stick to pre workout.

    Taking Insulin pre workout can be dangerous so I hope you know what you are doing if you are thinking of having a dose pre workout. Having Insulin both pre workout and PWO is asking for a death wish, only stick to either PWO or pre workout, not both.

    I am assuming you are new to insulin, and if you are, I would defenitly start with PWO doses before you start looking into having shots pre workout.

    Insulin is the kind of drug you really have to be educated about, so before you start using it make sure you know what you are doing, what Insulin is doing to you, and most importantly, what to do in certain situations.

    You will find a lot of helpfull info here, so a little research will get you a long way.

    Best of luck.

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    thanks alot fellas i only asked cause th the guy gettin it for mesaid he suggests that i take it befor i workout. but i think ill stick to taking it post workout.

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    I got incredible pumps simply from taking it PWO. Don't see any need to take it pre.

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