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Thread: Insulin abuse

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    Insulin abuse

    How do people become diabetics when using insulin . How suscpetable are we to becoming insulin dependent for the rest of our lives?

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    From what I have found, that if one would use humalog PWO and only 4 weeks at a time there is next to no chance of becoming insulin dependent. All stems back to use and abuse...

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    i wish i knew a good answer to this question. i havent found anything legit in the literature to suggest that it happens, but it makes sense that if you saturate your receptors with insulin , they will down-regulate, and you will become less sensitive to it over time (ie you become diabetic).

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    I believe if you go on for a reasonable amount of time, then go off for a reasonable amount of time, generally speaking, most peoples chances of becoming diabatic are far from high. But theh again, it all depends on the person and their Insulin sensetivity.
    Your chances of becoming diabetic may be a lot higher than mine even if we are both using the same doses and are using Insulin for the same amount of time ON/OFF. Evereyone is different. But Like MS said, 4 ON/OFF is a fairly safe guideline that most people seem to follow and never have any dramas, so I would defenitly stick to that. When you use high doses, start using Insulin more than once p/day (which is not necessaray IMO), and stay on for a long period of time with hardly not many breaks, is when that issues as such might start occuring. It has happend to people before. But I'm failry confident on using Insulin 4 ON/OFF without having to have to worry about becoming dependant.

    Good luck to you.


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