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    Can someone please check my math on this?

    I could use your help. Soon I am going to start using GH. I have serostim, which is composed of 7 vials of 18ius. I got bacteriostatic water to extend the life to 14 days. I am going to be taking 2iu's ed for 5 days, then off for 2 days.

    After mixing, this the plan:

    I have found for serostim 18ius vials, 5.5 = 1iu, so 2iu = 11 on a slin dart.
    But this is if you add 1ml of water. I am going to add 2m, so I can dilute x2 and read the needle easier (5.5 is a little too tough to get), so at that rate I should take:

    11 on an insulin needle in the morning = 1iu
    11 on an insulin needle in the evening = 1iu

    Is this right?

    Based on this, I estimate 1 vial will last me 9 days, because 18/2=9.


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    As I understand it that's not right.

    This is important for those using GH so they don't under or overdose. The amount on your needle should be the based on the amount of water/the percentage of GH you are using of the vial. It can't be a flat rate b/c the amount of GH varies by company.

    If this were the type of GH that had 10Iu's in each vial and you are using 1ml of water you would be correct, because 1iu is 10% of the total ius, and .10/1ml ius = 10 on a slin needle, but since serostim has 18iu per vial and you are taking 2ius a day you will be taking 11% of the GH each day. Thus, .11/1ml = 11 on a slin needle, or .11/2ml = 22 on a slin needle.

    I double check this by assuming 18iu's should last 9 days at 2iu per day. If you add 2ml to the mix, and you are injecting .22 each day, it should last you .22x9, which gives you 1.98 ml. 1.98 is almost the same amount of water I've added to the vial.

    Isn't this right?

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