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    Bad Experiences With Hgh

    I just wanted to see some posts on bad experiences/sides with hgh.

    anyone use it for at least 6 months and not like it?

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    yah its expensive (jino-gensci). all kidding aside, i sweat a lot more than i used too. my big toe ligaments always hurt at the end of the day, and i am gong to the bathroom a lot more.

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    My only bad experience was with ****bases GH, this stuff was crap. I luv jino, but serostim is king of the hill with me. The only bad sides I've ever really had were excessive water retention which can be corrected with small doses of aldactone (not recomended). The lethargic feelings can be controled with eating more carbs or adjusting your slin dosage and timing. Other than that I haven't had any bad experiences.

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