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    Has anyone here done Slin and NOT gained any fat?

    Has anyone here done Slin and not gained anyfat? If so, can you tell us what you did or if you did anything special (metformin, clen , cardio, whatever....) do help you achieve this?


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    I'm using slin right now during my cutter and losing fat! Doing 12ius with 9mg of PGF2-A pwo along with tren , test, eq, 100mcg of clen /T3. I've lost 18lbs of fat in 3 weeks and my muscles aren't flat from the T3. I'm about to drop the clen and do 200mg of DNP along with everything else.

    I've done slin while bulking without gaining any additional fat, eating 7g of dex per iu of slin, and working up to 16ius. Even better, though, is slin, IGF-1 LR3, and PGF2-A pwo. I gained muscle and lost considerable fat with that combo while bulking hard.

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    It's defenitly possible to not gain fat when your bulking or cutting with Insulin . Your fat storage depends on how much carbs you intake while Insulin is active, so that's what you have to fine tune. Anything additional such as cardio or any other supplments/drugs you may use to prevent gaining unnecessaray weight is there for additional benefits which can be helpfull.

    When you use Insulin it's all about intaking the right amount of nutrients just to keep you out of hypo, and just enough for your body to use up as fuel. Once you have found that zone, wether your cutting or bulking your chances of gaining fat are pretty slim.

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