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Thread: Slin and Cardio

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    Slin and Cardio


    Do you do cardio while on Slin to keep the fat gain down? If so, how many days a week do you do it and for how long?


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    You can (not in the active window of the slin of course) but it's not neccessary if you don't go overboard on the carbs and limit your fat intake while the slin is active. If you've never used slin before it's best to start low, about 2ius pwo, and 10g of dex per iu of slin. Once you get to your desired ammount of insulin say 10ius then you should start lowering your dextrose intake closer to 7g per iu or even lower if you can do so without going hypo. Also, don't go overboard in your ppwo meal. I'm cutting now and shooting 12ius of slin and 9mg of PGF2-A pwo only I'll have 90g of dex (7.5g/iu) and my whey, then for my second meal I only need 30g of complex carbs along with my protein.

    There's no reason to gain fat while using slin, you just need to fine tune things once you get to the level you're shooting for.

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    Intaking the right amount of nutrients at the right times is enough to not gain fat. No need to cardio unless you are running a cutter. Well some people cardio few times p/week even when bulking, but I don't do that. If you want to keep your chances of storing fat low, then you don't have to cardio, instead, like I said above eat the right nutrients at right times and your chances of storing fat wont be high. If you are running a cutter you can add cardio for additional benefits.

    Good luck.


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