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    what igf gh and insulin do?

    hey my first post BIGGEST n00b ever! just curious what is the point in useing them over steriods and do they have similar safer results.

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    Seriously bro, use the search button............. you'll be happier with the result of learning on your own... trust me on this .... Read!!

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    Put really, really simply - rHGH sends a message to the pituatary gland to release IGF-1.So effects of IGF-1 and HGH are very similar - essentially.

    Insulin speeds up chemical reactions within the body and increases the effectiveness of HGH, igf-1 and supplements. I think. <---HEAPS OF RECENT THREADS ON THIS.

    HGH has in cases shown all or some of the following in diff individuals-
    increase in overall LBM (overall lean muscle, tissue and organ mass).
    increase in strength.
    increase in bone mass and calcium deposits.
    improvement in joint,tendon and ligament mobility & strength.
    improvement in overall fat loss(primarily abdomen)
    improvement in localized fat loss (subcutaneous injecting)
    improvement in libido, erection frequency and orgasm intensity.
    improvement in mood, well being, anti-depressed.
    improvement in memory, memorizing and learning ability.
    improvement in skin(texture, glow, clearer, more elastic, tighter)
    improvement in scalp hair(growth, texture, fuller, less breakage, shinier)
    increase in nail regrowth.
    increase in appetite.

    AAS aka Steroids Vs HGH, Insulin and IGF-1 in terms of safety. Both have there advantages and disadvantages just DO NOT be to laid back and learn everything about what you are doing to your body first. Sides of both can be life changing.

    This is my understanding. I hope this helps you even a little. Then do what I do and read read, read.

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    gh functions through two pathways. one is to metabolize fat, and the other is to activate the the igf-1 pathway which leads to new muscle growth (hyperplasia). insulin activates growth and metabolism in the cell by activating transcription factors that turn on or off specific genes. do start fiddling with that search button ajew, it will become your best friend.

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