I started IGF (omni) 30 mcgs a day last wed. I moved up to 40 mcgs yesterday.

Day 1-nothing shot was really easy-a little hot flash but it was my first intramuscular. 30mcgs and 3 ius of gh
Day 2-Igf 30 mcgs and 2 ius gh at night
Day 3-5-no workout 30 mcgs-still nothing in terms of results
Day 6- moved up to 40 mcgs-still nothing
Day 7- bi-later delts 20mcgs in each-1.5 ius of gh in the morning and 1gh before bed

I have had a slight if any increase in appetite, my night sleeping patterns are off, but i sleep like a baby on my commute in. Days 1-6 were all in my legs, i noticed a slight growth there. I might be expecting a little much, but the only results i have seen are in terms of the dreams i have been having.

I shoot post work out, i don't eat an hour before or after. WTF? When i ran gh i ran it alone, and i got great results at just 3ius a day. I thought i would notice a little more. I am going to def. stick with it and move upt to 60 mcgs a day.

Should i shoot bi-laterally. I started off like i administered gh, same side of the body each day, alternating every other. I did both delts today.

Please some help so i don't have to pm the crap out of people.

Btw 5-5 160 lbs and my only other cycle was 4-5 months of jino gh 3ius a day.