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    Carb to Slin Ratio


    Basically Im confused w/ the amount of carbs per IU. I know everyone is different but my question is..............If I start w/ 4 iu's of Humalog does that mean I only consume 28-40 grams of carbs in my PW shake? Seems quite small to me?


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    Hey bro, if this is your first time, then stick with 10g of carbs for every 1IU of Insulin . So, 2IU would mean you would have to take 20g of dextrose. 7IU would mean you would have to take 70g of dextrose. 4IU you take 40g of dextrose. Anyway, you understand what I mean.

    Once you have experienced Insulin a bit more, you can always lower your carb intake. But keep in mind that this can be dangerous, so for now stick with 10g of carbs/dex for every 1IU of Insulin.

    Good luck bro.


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    Good advice, Gear. That's exactly the way I did it starting out. I started at 4iu and worked up to 10iu, all the while doing 10g dex/iu. Then I began working backwards on the carbs, going to 9/iu, then 8, then 7. I found I needed 8 to feel decent afterwards.

    Since I noticed I had put on a little fat from this, I settled on 8iu PWO, and found I can get away with 7g/iu, maybe a little bit more. I think this will be optimal for me in future cycles, and I'll be able to keep fat off.

    You just have to see what works for you, be safe and step it up gradually, like I did, monitoring your body closely.

    Hope that helps.

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    and always have atleast 100grams of carbs ready incase you start goign hypo. i had an incident which made me stop a week and a half in, where i went hypo. i had 100g of dextrose, plus the carbs in the poweraide i put it in, and htat still didnt cut it. thank god i bought the big bottle of glucose tabs from the pharmacy when i bought my pins

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