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    advice on Gh Precontest

    Hey gents,
    New to the gh game. So far so good.
    I am preparing for a bb contest and have been running gh at 2 i.u's for 9 weeks now. I AM ON WEEK TEN OF THE DIET. Since the beggining of my cycle I have been using deca , d-bol and sust. Recently, I have changed my anabolics to test prop, Winny and eq. For the final three weeks before the show i plan on using masteron , winny , eq. and halo.
    Here is my dilema. I wish to up my gh dose to 4 i.u per dayto maintain any muscle. How should I divide it through out the day with out suppressinng my natural Gh. And, Should I discontinue the gh a weeks or so before the show to AVOID WATER RETENTION

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    to explode onstage take 50 mg of anadrol every hour on contest day and drink water until u blow your stomach, gh wont do nothing on a 10 week period

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