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Thread: pct and slin

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    pct and slin

    Anyone run slin as a pct? how well does it work with keeping gains....atleast in regards to your experiences...

    my first go with slin was 10iu max much has anyone ran..and is say getting up to 15 too much?...

    slin is supposted to be really good with orals..would running anavar witht the pct be a good idea? or maybe save it till after the 4 carrying a lot of muscle and i really want to keep as much of it as i can until my next cycle..

    thanks bros

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    Hi Latimus.

    Insulin is beneficial prior cycle, within cycle and can defenitly be benefiting through PCT. PCT is a crtitical time when your body is fighting to keep what it has gained. This is a great time to add Insulin as Insulin will defenitly help maintain/gain gains. I always run Insulin in PCT and find it very benfiting.

    Genereally speaking, there is no need to breach the 10IU mark. 10IU of Insulin is enough to shuttle nutrients. I would say anything more than that is more side effects and not as much gains. I personally have gone as far as 20IU PWO, but I don't recomend this to anyone, and defenitly don't recomend this to beginners or those who don't have much experience with Insulin. As stated above, in whatever case whether you are running Insulin in PCT or during cycle, 10IU is plenty. I breached the 10IU mark simply because I like to push my limits and find that dose my body can't handle. I suppose its one way of knowing how much your body can and can't take.

    I wouldn't really run anavar in PCT. I know people that have but its not something that people do.

    Just run Insulin 4 ON/OFF, and position your Insulin dosing so your last run with Insulin lands on PCT along with your clomid etc. That's a great PCT setup.

    Good luck, and hope it goes well for you.

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