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    igf and fina , need some opinions

    I just started running fina 75mg eod right now and igf 40mcg ED,

    I respond pretty well to fina and was thinking of changing to ED injections since It will last me 25 days and the igf will last around 25 days also.

    I know running fina ED is the way to go and I would also benefit from having a higher androgen level in my blood while running the igf.

    yes it would end up being a 4 week cycle, I dont like running fina(androgens) that long anyways. And keep in mind my diet and training is balls to the wall so I think I should make great gains.

    no test will be added in!! lol but I am going to add some winny in at 30mg a day
    BTW.. I havent cycled in over a year
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    With tren and no test, i hope you don't plan on having much fun in the bed room.

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    u need some test in there bro! run some prop at 100mg/ed tren 75mg/ed. 4 weeks is short as well run the tren 8 weeks and the prop 10. i know u said no test but why???

    wut are ur stats? cycle exp?

    i'm running prop,tren,eq,gh and igf lr3 with great results.

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    Here and there....
    Bro, I don't mean to flame, but that's a horrible cycle. You're not even going to see any significant gains from the Tren until about the fourth week, that cycle is a waste.
    BodyMech is right, your dick is gonna be in the dirt without test, and as for running the Tren EOD, your blood plasma levels are gonna be on a roller coaster ride, which will significantly increase your sides and hamper your gains. The Acetate ester has a half life of about 24 hrs, it needs to be injected every day, NOT EOD! If your less than a couple of weeks in to this one, I'd scrap it. Then I would get enough IGF for six weeks and enough Fina and TestProp for at least an 8 weeker, preferably 10. Then I'd run the IGF during the last 6 weeks of your cycle after the androgen levels have relatively stabalized and peaked in order to get maximum gains from the IGF.



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    this cycle is only to fix a muscle imbalance, I know it can do what I want it to. I have ran everything under the sun before, I need to minimize sides here, reason for no test, I know how it will effect me. yes eod tren wont help, id even be better off doing 37.5 ED which I will do,the igf is thrown in just so I can experience it, I will thicken the back a little too now that I think about it! little bigger on the shoulders too! woo hoo it might take a total of 6 pounds, lol

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