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    Lower insulin doses for smaller body parts

    I have been researching insulin and plan to run a cycle of it, alone. I had one question remaining, maby more like an ideal, similar to: Slin for lagging body part only? ,
    Is there any merit to using varying doses of insulin for different sized bodyparts? I had been having larger PWO shakes (with no insulin) after back or leg workouts than after arms workouts or delt workouts, as I had assumed there would be more muscle damage to be repaired and more glycogen to be restored, aswell as a larger hormonal response making fat storage less likely.
    If this idea is valid, would it also apply to extragenous insulin? For example, would it be a good idea to use a smaller shake and 6iu after lighter days (arms and delts), and a full sized shake with 10iu for back, chest, and legs?
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    Hi citric and welcome to the board.

    The thread you posed by MS is more about taking Insulin for lagging body parts. If you have a lagging body part, you can use Insulin on those days only, which may help enhance that certain body part down the track because your body is absorbing more nutrients for that 1 day more than any other day.

    There is no point in playing around with the doses when it comes to certain body parts. Well that is my opinion anyway. No matter what body part you train, or how hard you train it, the doses should always be the same. So just because you trained chest harder than legs, there is no reason to take 15IU on chest day, and 10IU on leg day. This is because for most people, doses anywhere from 7 - 10IU PWO is enough for results.

    As for you nutrient intake. When you take Insulin, your body will always be able to absorb more nutrients faster. Now obviously if you took 1IU, and consumed a 75g protein shake, your body will digest it not as well as if you took 10IU. But low doses such as 1 - 4IU are just for beginners to start of with till they work their way up to higher doses. Once you breach the 5IU mark, the nutrients will be absorbed by your body just like they would if you took 10IU. Anything past 10IU is more sides and not as much resluts.

    Hope that helped and good luck.

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