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    IGF-places to inject

    I was planning on taking 40 mcg/day on my next cycle, which is about 4 months away. I realize that PWO you inject IGF into the muscle that you worked out, but, let's say for example that you worked chest one day. Does that mean that you would have to inject 20 mcg into each pec? Leg-day? Both quads?

    Excuse my ignorance. If there is a thread on this that I can read, feel free to let me know. Thanks.

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    Thats what I do.... and Im pretty sure others follow suit. But becuase LR3 isnt going to grow that specific place, it really doesnt matter where you inject. But if there is a slight chance it does I inject in the muscle anyway.

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    yeah right

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    i did bi-lateral all last week. Post work out, and now i am doing 1 pre work out shot. It is MUCH better pre workout IMO. Also get your protein levels up. I might be farting my way to the gym, but it does make a noticable difference. Once i get my new mg-i am going to go on a keto diet.

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