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Thread: Slin help

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    Slin help

    Next month I will take slinpost workout , can you tell me if What I am going to do is correct:
    10iu slin pwo, 100g glucose, 16 creatine, 16 glutamine, 16g bcaa, 16g amino acids, 1 pack animal pack
    1 Hour later I will take the same pwo shake
    2 Hours laters a normal meal

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    Bro Where Is Ur Protein Should Be Taking In 75 Grams Whey 15 Minutes After Ur Dex/crea/glut And Then Again Have Ur Meal 1.25 Hour After Ur Shot 50 Carb And 50 Protein Late

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    Agreed add the protein. And hopefully you aren't starting @ 10 IU's. You should work up to that amount.

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    Train, immidietly post training have your "x" amount of Insulin . Immidietly after that have your "x" amount of dextrose, 5 - 10g of creatine and 5 - 10g glutamine. 15 min later have your protein shake that consists of 75g of protein isolate.

    1.25hrs later have a solid meal that consists of carbs and protein. (50g carbs, 50g protein)
    2.00hrs later have another solid meal that consists of carbs and protein. (40g carbs, 50g protein).
    By the time you have your next meal, Insulin will no longer be in your system therefore you may eat as you usually do.

    Stay away from fats while Insulin is active and have some glucose tabs on hand for emergency.

    Hope that helped.


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