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    going to see an endocrinologist about GH

    This week I will see my endo who currently prescribes GH to paitents. I am hoping she will just go ahead and give me the script. I have had 5 IGF test and they were all low and off the charts. When talking to her assitant the GH lady as she is called. This lady wants to do GH stimulation tests.
    Which I am sure it will be in her office and not at Quest. My isurance covers Quest. Not her office. I am a little worn by this wait for GH. I have had to get my test value and liver perfect for this week. I can and have gone to a regular HRT doctor and have been given a script for GH but I am sitting on it. The reason is I want my insurance to cover it. Which I had called and it would be covered as long as it it medically nesscary. My deal is hearing some of you guys and saying that you can get GH cheaper than your insurance. How much cheaper are we talking here?
    50%. I have a pretty good plan when it comes to drugs. I pay very little for stuff. I paid 35. for three bottles of winny at the pharmacy. My deca only cost 15 bucks.
    I am hoping my GH will be under 2 or just at 2 bucks.

    So any of you who have had this GH test, what the hell is it? Is it necessary or is it one of those test that the Doc uses to cya incase someone ask why?
    What would you do go with the HRT doc without insurance or stick with the Endo?

    Just asking for opinions or experiences thanks in advance.

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    You'll have to do a test that take 2-3 hours, what they are trying to do is stimulate HGH


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