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    GH dosing question for over 40 script in hand WOOT!!

    Well finally I am excited as hell. Script in hand and on the way. I am 43 and had done Nutropin AQ for a couple of months at 1.5 iu a day until I dedided I no longer wanted to take the risk black market. I now have a great doc and good insurance woot!! Anyway I am getting it in the standard anti aging range of 1.2 iu a day (I think thats what .4mg miniquicks are).

    do you think thats enough for a guy my age to reap benefits such as enhanced mood, better sleep , better muscle tone ( I know this amount doesnt make you huge) and probabyl most importantly fat loss.

    I have read some things about dosing every other day and am considering doing 2.4 EOD instead of the 1.2 a day ...any thoughts on that?

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    Go with the script, because for the first few months your Doc should be do IGF-1 tests in you


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    I to am 43 year old male. I have been body building for years. Competing since 2000. I have never run gh for any amount of time. Until Jinos became so cheap. I started my winter bulk this year just like any other year. This time I added 2 IU a day of jintropin. Been on it since Sept. 04 to current. I'm on 250 test as an HRT. So when I bulked I just doubled up the test and added some tren . Only ran this for 10 weeks. Just ended cycle.
    Here is what I have found. Eating clean 80% of the time during my bulk.
    I was able to hold 205 to 207 for many months. In the past I could never hold 205. I would always drop back to 200. I'm not a big eater like most guys seem to be. I bulk on 3000 calories max.
    Here is the difference with the gh. The last several years of bulking my body fat would get to around 14%. This year at a higher weight I'm at 10%. I'm carrying this weight so much different then ever before. I also do caliper skin fold test just at home with my plastic calipers. Mym reading this year are 6 to 8mm lower then ever before.

    My point here is that if you do everything you have always done and run that GH for 6 months you will be happy. I just can't wait to diet down and see what my gains are. I compete as a middle weight. In the past I have been 170 to 173 on show day. I have 3 pounds to play with.

    Good luck,

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