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    Slin+creatine Ethyl ester pwo

    I've sworn off creatine monohydrate, it just bloats me too much. I was wondering if anyone has used CEE with their slin and glutamine PWO. Did you bloat? I'm thinking about trying it during my pct just to see if it really doesn't make you bloat.

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    You dont bloat, thats what the ethyl ester prevents. CEE is the future of creatine in my opinion.

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    Cee is an awsome product bro, no bloating besides your muscles, and i get about 2 pounds extra vs with mono. Hell of a lot easier to take too.

    Only down side is the price, but im sure it will drop soon enough.

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    It really bloats me too, but I don't worry about it too much because I know the water will dissapear sooner or later, defenitly nothing perminant.


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