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    WHy use insulin or igf-1?

    I put this in another post but i figured id start a new post instead.

    If im correct, the point of using insulin or igf-1 is to spike your insulin levels after a workout so that your body goes into storage mode, and then you eat lots of protein and carbs till replenish your muscles, etc etc.

    So, whats the point to injecting insulin or igf-1 rather than just eating a bunch of pure sugar or drinking a bunch of sugary drinks or eating a lot of jelly or something? Its not hard to eat a good 150g of fast carbs - And itll probably taste good doing it...

    So what exactly is the reason people inject igf-1 or insulin PWO?

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    If you eat 150g of simple carbs, your chances of it turning to fat are high, that amount is high for a slin user let alone an none user. Adding slin to your programs help shuttle your post w/o nutreints to the muscle, LR3 helps repair those muscles you just broke down in your w/o, you don't need as much carbs either


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    So youre saying you get the shuttle effects that fast carbs give without having to take in the fattening fast carbs...

    that sorta makes it sound good to me. hmmm... considering slin...

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