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    HGH with PCT. Which anti-e?

    5'7" 200lb 8% body fat. I am finishing a 12 week cycle of cypionate next week. I am going to start using Clomid and HGH. I have heard that nolvadex affects HGH so does anyone recommend an anit-e to use with HGH or will clomid be enough?

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    I asked this question to RB and he told me that it would be ok to run nolva.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BodyMechanic
    I asked this question to RB and he told me that it would be ok to run nolva.
    I'd run clomid and a few shots of like 500iu HCG . The Nolva took a bite out of my IGF level's, (confirmed by blood work). Just my .02

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    It's too late to start HGH for any benefit during PCT. HGH has an accumilating effect and needs to be run for a couple of months before it starts to really work. You'd be better off running 40-80mcg of IGF-1 LR3 during pct for 4-7 weeks. That will give you instant gains and is like a short cut to HGH results.

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