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    Please verify whether I got the right slin pins

    They are U-100 insulin pins, 29 gauge, 12.7mm (1/2 inch) needle length.

    The thing is, they are 1cc. So the units are split up in increments of 10 to 100. It's harder to measure say 7 units because they arent clearly marked.
    Also the needle is a little short, 1/2 inch... considering I want to shoot it

    Are these standard size, the pharmacist told me these are the standard ones to use. I was hoping to get ones with each unit marked clearly, so I'd need a way thinner syringe that only went up to 10 or 20 units say.

    Should I go exchange these or keep them? Thanks

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    These are what I use but the 30 gauge .5cc pins are graduated into 1iu's instead of 2 so they are easier to measure out. You can use the ones you have but the smaller pins are good to have also.

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    Yeah that will work for IM, just shoot into a lean area. Bi or Tri works great. Like Jersey said the best ones to use are the .5cc ones, as they measure out each IU... the ones you have are fine...

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