heres what my cycle looks like

hgh test/ deca
mo. 1=2iu/day
mo 2=2.5iu/day + 300 mg/week ea
mo 3=3iu/day + 300 mg/week ea
mo 4=4iu/day + 400 mg/week ea
mo 5= 3.5iu/day + 300 mg/week ea
mo 6=3iu/day + pct
(5 on 2 off )
is there any reason to reduce dosage of hgh during the latter stages as shown here or should i run the hgh out at a high dose???

will it be more effective in helping me keep my gains if i run the hgh after my pct is complete????
and one more.....
i found two different types of bacteriostatic water
one with and one without sodium chloride
does it matter which i use????????
my serostim comes with sterile and im not sure which one i should use
THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!