This might be better suited for the lounge but i have some questions and wanted some other opinions.

I have been running GH for about 6 months now, and now i added in IGF. (NO AAS) this is non-cycle related.

Its a given that one will eat more, protein especially. Lately i have been blasting through food since i kicked in the IGF. But i have been always hungry, always. I can eat all **** day and still be hungry. I am sure it is the same for everyone else (yes I know that means its working

But since i started Gh i have been crapping my ass off, not just all beacuse of food, but more pooping means more wiping thus we are lead to swamp-ass.

Anyone else have any tips, thoughts, etc.

I use goldbond when possible, but since i kicked in IGF i feel like my ass is in Louisiania, and if you from LA bite me.

Share please. This is somewhat funny, it seems to be my usual style, but it is serious none the less.