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Thread: IGF Question

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    IGF Question

    I just ordered 1 gram of MR's IGF. I've read different ways on administering IGF, kinda got me confused. I plan on taking IGF with my cycle. Here is what my cycle will look like.

    Wk 1 - 10 Sustanon EOD
    Wk 1 - 10 Deca 600MG/Wk
    Wk 1 - 10 HCG 250IU's/Wk
    Wk 1 - 4 IGF 40MCG/Day
    Wk 2 - 4 Clen /T3
    Wk 12 - 14 PCT
    Wk 15 - 19 IGF 40MCG/Day

    Ok now my questions. I've read people take IGF Pre and Post Workout. What is best time to take it? I plan on taking IGF right when I wake up in the morning on my off days. Also, is this needle good size for Sub-q, Terumo 29 G X 1/2", 1/2CC Syringe with Needle.? Can someone give me directions on how to administer this into my bi's? Do I shoot striaght in? Or do I pinch and insert into my skin? When I spot inject my AAS, I only use a 25 G 5/8 Needle. LMK, thanks!

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    You pct is starting 1 week to soon, run the LR3 with pct, inject post w/o and you don't have to inject in to the worked muscle.


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