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    IGF1 LR3 Confusion

    Just ordered some IGF from MR. I have seen that the substance is injected IM and bilaterally. Am I to understand that if I am taking the starter doseage of 40mcg per day, that I would load up two insulin pins with 20mcg each to spot inject on both sides? Seems a little inefficient if that's the case. Also, in the standard 1cc insulin pin, I believe 40mcg would be filling only the second mark on the pin, correct? With that in mind, how much BW are people generally filling prior to withdrawing the IGF? Lastly, I am a reasonably muscular 6'3", 245 lbs. Will the initial dose of 40mcg daily be enough based on my size? I would greatly appreciate some definitive and knowledgeable feedback so I don't screw this up. Thanks

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    It doesn't need to be injected bi-laterial


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