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Thread: Igf question...

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    Igf question...

    Hey i'm 6'4'' 240 16% bf, and im going to start my 6 month gh cycle next week (running it with t3)and wanted to kow if i should run it with winny or Igf-1, or both at the same time. i'll also be running isulin for 4 weeks(seperate from the igf-1) and do you think i should run the insulin irst or the igf-1? im not going to be taking any test and im just looking for some good quality lean muscle. thanks for your help
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    T3 @ 12.5-25mcg when using HGH, you can up it when you add LR3. Go with the slin first then the LR3. As far as gear goes test is best, you want lean mass you diet is going to dictate that, not the gear.


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