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    Is it really worth running IGF-lr3 during a cycle?

    I see more and more people adding igf to an AAS cycle with apparently good results, and I'm considering it for my current cycle too. The igf benefits drop off after about 4 weeks, and this is thought to be due to negative feedback causing HGH production to stop. But if this is the case wouldn't the gains from AAS be affected due to the lack of HGH once you stop igf? What's everyone's experience with igf and AAS?

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    lr3igf-1 is recommended to be cycled 4 weeks on 4 weeks off.

    what many seem to be doing is a 4 week cycle in the middle of the course 4 weeks off lr3 and coinciding another 4 week cycle with their pct cycle(clomid and/or nolvodex).

    many feel using lr3 during pct helps maintain their gains with the potential for some more gains.

    you will most likely see better results with lr3 during the cycle as it is usually used post workout to take advantage of the up-regulation in igf receptors after intense exercise.lr3 increases sattellite cells causing hyperplasia(growth of new muscle fibres) combining this effect with an anabolic growth cycle of AAS will allow the sterods to act on these new cells meaning more gains.

    if it can be afforded a pct cycle including proper pct will lead not only to consolidating the gains from the cycle but also recruiting new fibres for more growth over time ready for the next cycle after an off period(aas).

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    I am doing igf with aas right now and I love the results so far im only in week 2 of the igf and im up 6lbs and my pumps are awsome!!!

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