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Thread: HGH sites

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    dirty goddamn south

    HGH sites

    i have read up on GH but have never got the opportunity to use it, i thought i would be able to after contacting **** but they informed me that i am too young and they wanted a whole slew of bloodtests....

    No asking for sources. This is not an open forum or a board where we ask for sources. This is a learning institution.

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    this is like asking for a source of gh, if you found one, you can find another, but if you are going for hrt sites, they are all the same, they are not going to prescribe you a product without testing you and you being a certain age

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    If you were dishonest you could always lie about your age. But my advice is that if they do not want to prescribe you the gh because of your age then there is a reason.

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