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    Igf-1 + GH for cutting?

    Would you combine the two for cutting purposes or GH alone makes a better choice?

    My choices for the first 50 days on GH cycle, First time using GH;

    Option 1
    wks 1-7 GH 2iu ed
    wks 1-7 Igtropin 20mcg ed (post-workout) ed
    wks 8-? GH 4iu ed


    Option 2
    wks1-? GH 4iu ed

    Cost would be about the same since igf-1 and hgh are ran at lower dosages. First time gh user, turning 24 years old. WHich would be most effective in a cutter with tren enathate/test/EQ?

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    first of all i would'nt run igf for 7 weeks,better of runnin 4 weeks at a higher dose.
    hgh iwould run it 5on/2 off at 4iu or even at 5iu 4on/3off.

    but this just my thoughts about it.


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    Thanx for your input.

    The dose scheme I havent decided yet. What I am asking is if to run gh and igf-1 together at lower dosages or just run gh at a higher dose (4-5iu ed). Would it be worth to invest in the igtropin(igf-1) or would I be better off getting another jino kit? The biggest reason I wanted to run igf-1 was for immediate effect while I wait for the hgh to kick in.

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