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Thread: slin query

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    slin query


    I have slin pins that are 100 units each. It goes by 10's( 10,20, 30...100). If I was to take 4 IU's how much would that be in the syringe? I'm a bit confused!!!


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    each unit is 1 iu, so if your pin has 100 iu's, it likely measures 2 iu's per little line, so look, if five lines = 10 iu's, then 2 lines would = 4 iu's

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    It depends on how many little lines there are before the 10IU mark. If there are 4 little lines before the 10IU mark, then each little line is 2IU. This is what the insulin U100 pins are like.

    If there are 9 little lines before the 10IU mark, then obviously each little line would be 1IU. Usually, the small lines are measured as 2IU each (meaning there would be 4 little lines between 10, 20, 30 etc).


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