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    My Humalog pre-workout experiment gone bad

    Today I took my sweet time getting to the gym. The time was approaching 9pm and I am just about ready to go. I have to be up early tomorrow and rather than take my slin shot post workout at 10pm and having to wait until 1-2am to go to sleep, I decided to take my shot pre workout and cut the duration that way.

    So I am thinking 9pm I'll take the shot, by the time my workout is done at 10 the slin will be peaking and I'll have my PWO shake, and then by 11 when the slin is winding down I'll have my PPWO and be ready to go to sleep by 12. So...

    9pm - 10 IU humalog is administered IM
    9:05pm - Protein shake w/ 100g of dextrose w/ creatine consumed
    9:05 to 9:50 - Workout while sipping on a glutamine/dextrose solution

    Now up until this point I am feeling good. No signs of hypo and my pump is great. The trouble starts when I get home around 9:55 and I am ready
    for my PWO shake. I start getting unbelievable stomach pains and nausea.
    Mouthfuls of sugar water (dextrose) kept coming up from my stomach to my mouth which I would have to spit out, and the taste of the sugar water just kept making me so much more nauseous.

    I tried taking in my PWO shake but kept dry heaving and wanted to throw it up. Not only that but around this time my stomach was rumbling and incredibly uneasy - I also started to sweat and was disoriented - I was basically starting to go full blown hypo but could not keep down ANY carbs so I was in hell.

    I ended up chewing on some whole wheat crackers... about the only thing that I could keep down because it was solid and not sweet. It's now approaching 12am and I am feeling slightly better.

    I think what ended up causing is the influx of carbs I was taking in during my workout. 100g pre-workout and then about 75g during = 175g of simple carbs in between a 45 minute time span. I don't know why but it really upset my stomach.

    Lesson learned: Keep it simple and take slin PWO

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    Glad you're ok dude.

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    Thats very possible. I take my slin (10-15 iu's) pre-workout (about 15 min.) and I always have a carb drink w/some glutamine and creatine on hand giving me roughly about 50g of simple carbs through my 45 min workout. I then have my PWO shake immediately after. I feel the slin pre-workout gives me the benefits I am looking for. Sorry to hear about your experience.

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    I was never really "for" taking insulin pre workout, but if it works for some, then good on them. I always take my slin PWO. Anyway, better luck next time bro.


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