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    please clarify okay..subQ injection question...confirm this please!

    when doing a subQ inject....

    I have done IM alot and for a long time...but I am new to the subQ thing..I have read and read and it looks simple enough..but let me make sure I have this right..I start my GH next week and want to make sure I don't come half stepping...

    (assume this is done on the lower abdominal region)
    1.Okay I am right handed, so I take my left hand and pinch some skin into a bunch...I guess between my thumb and pointer finger.

    2. Do I inject into the skin I have bunched up between thumb and pointer finger, or UNDER the skin in my thumb and pointer finger?

    3. Also, with GH do I go into the skin at a 90 degree angle or 45 degree angle? And to clarify does 90 degrees mean perpindicular to the skin?

    Man I know how stupid this sounds, so please don't bust me up for it...I just want to make sure I have it right, because I have read different things from different people, and perception is key...and I want to make sure I have the info down correctly. Thanks!!! Sorry for the retarded post!
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    #1 is the spot to inject into

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    you can do either if you are looking for spot inj. i follow the line up from my pelvis...and shot all around there and the side....six months is a lotta shots.

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