This is how I mixed my igf:

I'm using Gensci Igf-lr3. It came with 10vials of powder, with 100mcgs in each vile. I mixed 1ml of bw water with a vial. I let the water run on the side of the vial just like you would with hgh. For injections, I'm using .5cc insulin syringes, I pull in 10iu's of bw water then 40iu's of igf, which should be 40mcg. I inject pwo, im, then drink a shake with 60g of protein, 100g of carbs, and 5g creatine.

My cycle I'm currently running:

week 1-5: insulin 10iu's pwo
week 5-10: igf 40mcgs pwo
week 1-4: d-bol 30mg ed
week 1-10: deca 600mg a week
week 1-12: test e 750mg a week
week 10-14: insulin 10iu's pwo
week 15-18: igf 60mcgs pwo
and I'm be running hcg and clomid for pct. Ran novladex 10mg ed through the whole thing.

My protein intake is around 400g a day. I havn't caulated my cabs, fats, or calories yet. I was just checking to see if I was taking in enough protein, and I think I am.

My question is:

I'm currently in week 8. From week 1-5 I jumped for 198 to 216 in weight. From week 6-8 I've dropped down to 211 and pretty much stayed here. Even with me running my thrid week of igf @ 40mcgs. Anyone got an idea why I stop ganing? Is this normal? My previous cycles I've kept ganing. I've never peaked like this before. Should I up my igf to 60mcgs since I haven't been noticing anything? I haven't even notice any better pumps.

Just want some opinions. Thanks.