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    steve thomas is offline New Member
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    headaches (info)

    i started ghg 7 days ago doing 2iu per day in morn and iam getting headaches, has anyone had this side? what does this mean? first time hgh any advice plese?

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    bluethunder is offline Anabolic Member
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    Get a blood glucose meter and take am , noon, pm readings. Make sure you are not hypo.

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    popiii333 is offline New Member
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    any help here i get the same what can i take .. foe this

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    I done 2iu daily for 4 or 5 weeks when i was more naive...i had serious headaches where i couldn't even lift my head up..i have had vision problems/severe headaches and dizziness ever since....everyday since!!! and that was 4 yrs ago..i have even had to see an endocronoligist and neurologist yet i now suffer from daily migraines/mini cluster headaches which i think was bought on by the hgh..i also have a 3mm pituitary tumor,which i guess was caused by the hgh too!!!! If you get severe headaches on advice is stop and seek medical pituitary x-rays etc...

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